"Sheared Star Shammy with Pouch 5 in. x 7 in.
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GSA Contracted Products (MAS) (GS-03F-0033U)



Product Number: CONHE-KBJMB

Manufacturer Number: WA512

Sheared Star Shammy with Pouch 5 in. x 7 in.

Multi-use, micro-fiber, miracle chamois. Star shaped fiber picks up dirt molecule by molecule. The Star Shammy will keep client's name in the vehicle while providing a useful tool for spotless paint, streak free glass and detailing inside and out. 2.) Cleaning services, Computer, TV / Camera Sales, or IT / Repair Shops. The Star Shammy will be in pocket or purse ready to clear raindrops, fog, lint and makeup. Easy to use and sell with new icon instructions! Machine wash. Machine dry. Lint Free. Use DRY for Cell Phones, Monitors and Eye Glasses Use DAMP (water or glass cleaner) for Counters, streak and spot free Windows and Mirrors, and Automobiles, inside and out.

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72 $1.55 $1.25 ** - For Higher Quantities, Call for Quote - **

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