"Fluorescent Neon Orange Vinyl Danger Flag
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GSA Contracted Products (MAS) (GS-03F-0033U)



Product Number: VRHFC-ERFCX

Manufacturer Number: DF015

Fluorescent Neon Orange Vinyl Danger Flag

You are sure to turn some heads when you promote your brand on the Fluorescent Neon Orange Vinyl Flag. This coated canvas flag has a 9 gauge (1/8) pigtail wire sewn into a top sleeve. It will not rip or change color, and can be reused over and over. It holds up in 120 degree heat and at 40 below, rain, snow or high UV. The printing capability allows you add any message or logo of your choosing.

Qty Price GSA Price  
100 $6.52 $5.26 ** - For Higher Quantities, Call for Quote - **

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